#18 Online Degree – Wouldn’t A Concierge Approach Help?

Dale Leatherwood has spent over 20 years in the training and higher education space, much of it focused on distance learning programs. He has extensive experience creating, managing, and marketing thousands of online programs, giving him first-hand knowledge of the complexity of choosing the right online degree. Dale’s putting his experience in the academic, financial aid, marketing, and student support aspects of higher education to work for ClearDegree clients to help them pursue an online degree.

Scott Long and Dale talk about why employees often go back to school and why they often go back to school online (1:30). How many online options these employees have (3:25). How ClearDegree can help parent employees manage going back to school (6:20). How ClearDegree sets a profile for clients going back to school (9:45). How ClearDegree works with employers and how employers ultimately benefit from employees going back to school (12:05). For more information visit https://www.cleardegree.com/

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