#6 Benefit Communications – Employee Mindset (Part 1 of 3)

In this episode of The Point, Cory Melchi (Apex VP of Strategic Client Services) joins Scott Long as a co-host to speak with Wes Steele (President) of Steele Benefit Services. In this three-part interview we’ll get a second point of view on benefits communications. Steele Benefit Services makes employee benefit enrollment simple for employers, brokers and advisors, and carriers. To learn more visit steelebenefits.com.

In part one of this interview we explore the mindset of the employee. Wes helps us explore the recent history of healthcare and the employer response, while explaining how employee expectations have changed in the last decade (1:20). Wes tells us what employees now look for in benefits packages (3:00). Wes’ concept of employee engagement and its dual value (4:30). How employee financial needs vary by generation and why it’s important to consider (7:30).

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