The Line – April 2017

When you think Apex, you most often think about a peak, summit, or pinnacle – an object reaching the highest point along its path. The Line this object travels is typically the most efficient & effective path possible. We’re in the business of earning trust from prospective clients and, subsequently, pulling through on promises for clients. Meet the people who take The Line on behalf of our clients. Enjoy!

Carrie Divens
Director of Market Analysis

Work Hack: Plan meetings for 45 minutes versus an hour. You can get through what you need to get through in 45 minutes, keeping meetings focused and on target. The bonus is you will allow yourself 15 minutes to (1) document your notes, (2) address follow ups/next steps, and/or (3) get a head start on your next calendar item. We’re only given 24 hours in a day. Make the most of each minute!
Pay it Forward, Conduit for Philanthropy: My favorite way of giving is to find ways to multiply efforts!My daughter’s volleyball team had a service project to complete. As Team Mom I paired them with The Julian Center (an Apex client), which also happens to be my sorority’s philanthropy. (I’m the Secretary for Butler University’s AXO House Corp. Board.) The Vision 13 National Team filled my vehicle with decorated pillowcases stuffed with books, stuffed animals and sheets, which then Apex employees also had the opportunity to contribute needed sheets. The word was also spread to the AXO HCB to donate sheets to The Julian Center. In the end the tripled effort resulted with an large donation of sheets & more delivered to The Julian Center!
Interesting Read (…and Life & Work Hack!): Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell With personal strengths being Achiever, Strategic, as well as Learner, the moment I heard of this book I had to own it. From Bill Gates to the Beatles to airline pilots, Malcolm Gladwell provides insight and fascinating metrics of the pathway which outliers travel. You want to be an expert at something, dive in, gain the hours! I can attest to it!
Why I do what I do: Having a mother as a nurse (operating nurse 25 years), and a father as a safety consultant (State of Ohio Bureau Workers Comp 30 years), it is no surprise I find myself working almost 18 years in a field where I can identify to the medical, insurance and risk factors which impact employers. I love being able to relate to our clients’ needs, utilize my access to a myriad of resources in the market, and ultimately provide an array of solutions. I also possess the skillset to simplify complex scenarios, which enable me to successfully consult externally to clients or internally to the team as to which pathway is most appropriate. Our clients make big financial decisions in a complex insurance arena, so I take a great deal of pride in the opportunity to provide solutions with clarity and assurance, resulting with a positive impact to their bottom line and benefits package for the employees!

Sherry Fazzini
Senior Account Executive

My life balance/stress reliever/fitness commitment: I have worked out for many years and it is very important part of my life. The past 4 years I have added hot yoga, and at this time unfortunately have eliminated running. My knee can no longer take it! Yoga has been around for more than 5,000 years and does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It’s a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. It is a great stress reliever and can help you relax and focus while gaining flexibility and strength. It can even also boost your mood. I like it because it requires total focus and for the most part I think of nothing else during the hour I am there. My goal is to go 3 to 4 times a week along with some cycling and weights!
My go to workplace snack: I always have almonds at my desk, a small handful of almonds gives you almost 25% of your daily needs for magnesium, and more bone-strengthening calcium as an equal amount of cow milk. They are also high in antioxidants, such as vitamin E and selenium. Studies show that almonds may play an important role in preventing colon cancer due to their high fiber content and also help lower negative forms of cholesterol in the blood stream.
My favorite place to go: My family has been gathering the past 20 years at Diamond Lake in Michigan. My parents first bought there and then my husband and I bought a cottage when our kids were little. It was a great place to come with them and their friends over the years and I look forward to someday doing the same with grandchildren. It has always been a great place for downtime and for years we had no phone and no internet. Times have changed but the downtime is still there even though we now have internet and everyone has their own phone!
I can be impulsive too: The most impulsive thing I did recently is add a dog to the family 2 years ago. I went to Chicago for a funeral of an old friend who passed away. It was a sad weekend. My family had been “hounding” me for dog. My answer had always been that I was allergic and it would be too much work. Everywhere I turned I kept seeing French bulldogs and saw 2 when I got to Chicago that day. I told my daughter and left Chicago with Louie. My husband says it’s the best gift he has ever received. My son laughs at me and can’t believe I share my pillow with Louie most nights. What I took away that weekend is you only live once!

Kyle Dickover
Marketing & Communications Specialist

Book Recommendation: 10% Happier by Dan Harris. An incredible read on how to slow down and find what really makes you happy in life.
Favorite Podcast: I’m a sucker for a good comedy podcast such as, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Pardon My Take but lately I’ve been pretty hooked on The Tim Ferriss Show. The show covers a wide variety of topics and is always a good listen!
Food That You Wish Had Zero Calories: Nachos. I would consider myself a true nacho snob. (Side note: pickled jalapeños are a tell tale sign of bad nachos) If I see nachos on a restaurant menu, there is a good chance I’m going to try them. If you’re looking for a great plate of nachos, go to Ralston’s Draft House on Mass Ave and order the Book Danart Nachos, you will NOT be disappointed.