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The tools, resources and expertise to aid in benefits decisions.

Apex Benefits uses a revolutionary, data-driven approach paired with an in-depth analysis of your goals and objectives to create a cost-effective employee benefits program that understands your business. By helping your company implement an effective standard of comprehensive benefits and population health, Apex Benefits not only helps strengthen and motivate your workforce, we work closely with you to create a foundation for growth that benefits your business, your employees and your bottom line.


Learn how our large group and small group benefit programs help organizations make informed employee benefits and wellness decisions that truly make a difference:

Large Group Benefit Programs

Employers of 500 employees or more have different needs—and different headaches. At Apex Benefits, we have experience working with large employee groups and controlling the greater costs associated with them. Apex Benefits uses a systematic approach to create the employee benefit plan that best fits the needs of mid-size to large companies through discovery and assessment, strategic planning, client advocacy, communication and education, and a proactive service platform. This systematic approach allows us to choose the plan that’s right for your business by working with a multitude vendors to create an exceptional range of options that meet your criteria. Whenever changes occur within your organization, we’ll re-evaluate your plan and work closely with you to re-evaluate your options, keeping your benefit plan both current and cost-effective. In addition to finding the right benefit plan for your business, we’ll help you and your employees make sense of evolving legislation, new products, and trends in the industry with clear, consistent communications.

Small Group Benefit Programs

Apex Benefits works with companies of all sizes in Indiana and knows that small businesses have unique needs separate to those of larger organizations. The ability to stay competitive, attract the best workers, and maintain profitability is vital to any employer, but holds special importance for small businesses, which is why Apex stands in as a trusted advisor through each step in the process. From firms with only a few employees to those with thousands, we provide each client the right plans, the right costs, and the right advice to increase job satisfaction and productivity at a cost that works within each budget. No matter what direction your business is going, our services are scalable to whatever the specific needs of your business may include.

In addition to fully-funded, self-funded, and consumer-driven medical plans, we provide a full spectrum of group employee benefits, including:

  • Clinics
  • Customized Benefit Summaries and Communication Materials
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Executive Benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • HRA’s
  • Life Insurance
  • Limited Medical Programs
  • Retirement Programs
  • Special Risk or International Policies
  • Student Accident
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Vision
  • Voluntary Employee Products
  • Voluntary Products
  • Wellness Programs and Disease Management
  • Worksite Products
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Strategic Benefits Consulting

Re-evaluate Your Current Benefits Strategy

Apex Benefits analyzes statistical information sourced from industry reports and surveys to provide benchmarking data for your business that spans industry and market size. Our expert team uses these reports to compare your business to similar businesses in your industry in order to keep your benefits plan current and competitive. We have access to resources such as Mercer, Watson Wyatt, Kaiser, College and University Professional Association (CUPA), and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). These resources, combined with our revolutionary ApexAnalytics™ data analysis tool, provide a comprehensive, strategic report of how your benefits plan should function and provide objective data to support our negotiations. The result is a benefits plan that saves money while providing the best health options possible for your employees, keeping them motivated, boosting productivity, and positioning your business as a trusted employer to attract new talent when the need arises.

Market Analysis

Our value is more than simply approaching the marketplace for quotes – we design a long-term strategic plan that will identify your goals, challenges, and strategies to promote your employee benefits plan. After implementing a plan, our Director of Market Analysis evaluates the month-by-month claims history to project next year’s expected claims costs and identify historical claims trends relative to your group in order to maximize your benefit plan. Our unparalleled experience with using market knowledge, leverage, integrated data and predictive modeling provides real results to our clients and the best terms available.

Compliance and ACA

The Affordable Care Act presents a significant challenge for employers, which is why we created our own ACA practice led by a Certified Health Reform Specialist (CHRS). We use a simple four-step approach to help you address risks and identify opportunities in response to Health Care Reform, and with our guidance, employers will be able to:


the ever-changing landscape surrounding the Affordable Care Act. We keep your staff educated and up to date on critical changes or updates in legislation so that you are aware of compliance requirements.


the financial impact of ACA to determine the capability and future of employer sponsored health care and impact to employees. We analyze your benefits, population, and all cost drivers to provide a detailed report that identifies areas of financial risk and potential opportunity.


company and employee impact both financially and culturally. Our process includes working with you to position your employee benefit programs to attract and retain key talent.


health care and compliance strategies with your company’s overall business goals and objectives. Apex Benefits works with you to position your employee benefits programs to coincide with business goals and objectives. We work to remove the risk from the unknown to drive business results.

For added assistance in minimizing risk, Apex Benefits uses Compliance Dashboard™, a web-based interactive resource that helps employers comply with federal laws and mandates that govern health and wellness plans. Learn More

Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Better Insight for Your Bottom Line

With our in-house Health Informatics Team and our exclusive ApexAnalytics™ tool, we combine employee health and claims data from all sources to create a data minable report that allows our team to customize strategies for effectively changing negative trends. ApexAnalytics™ removes the risk from benefits predictions by performing a deep, data-driven analysis of specific needs and behaviors to provide an in-depth understanding of your employees.

  • Identify groups-specific trends affecting the health of members or the health of the plan
  • Specifically target these areas of improvement
  • Gauge success of these initiatives through data analysis
  • Constantly re-evaluate the strategic plan
  • Analyze return on investment for wellness, clinics, and other initiatives
  • Build a strategic plan and approach to address the health needs of your employees

Health Management and Wellness

Apex Better Health

When Apex Benefits serves as both your benefits provider and direct health and wellness partner, your organization experiences a full integration of wellness strategies with health plans, benefiting your business, your employees, and your bottom line. Taking a proactive approach to improve the health and lives of your employees that also benefits your business – that’s better health:

  • Plans based on data intelligence
  • Comprehensive wellness strategies
  • Solutions focused on employee engagement

Data Intelligence
ApexAnalytics™ is an advanced aggregator providing important analytics and predictive recommendations. Not only do you see real-time breakdowns of employee health and financial trends, but also predictive modeling to help you see the future of your plan. ApexAnalytics™ allows you to:

  • Identify groups-specific trends affecting the health of participants
  • Access medical intelligence reports, specific condition reports, gaps in care, and predictive modeling

Wellness Strategies
Apex Better Health focuses on five key aspects of your employees’ health: financial, behavioral, health care, physical, and nutrition and diet. Utilizing data intelligence to target high-risk areas of health, our team provides your organization with essential, life-changing programs. The Apex Benefits Wellness team works with you to build a:

  • Comprehensive review of past and current wellness initiatives
  • Three-year health and wellness strategic plan design – fully integrating your health plan with wellness initiatives

Engagement Solutions
A major key to a successful health and wellness plan is strong intercommunication and effective employee engagement. At Apex Benefits, our innovative health and wellness programming through Apex Mobile Health is designed to:

  • Boost employee participation within health, wellness, and benefit plans for maximum effectiveness
  • Create cost savings through reduced medical claims

Combining data intelligence, wellness strategies and engagement solutions, Apex Better Health supports a healthy environment within your company that lowers costs and boosts productivity.

Human Resources

At Apex Benefits, our ongoing partnership goes beyond being your benefits and population health provider – we’re your employee resource partners. We have the ability to assist your employees through a wide range of benefits and human resources programming, including:

  • Employee relations guidance and support
  • Executive compensation and salary review
  • HR best practices and benchmarking
  • HR outsourcing (interim, part-time and full-time)
  • International benefits
  • Leadership development and coaching
  • Legal compliance: ERISA, HIPAA, FMLA and EEO
  • Performance management, rewards and recognition
  • Review, revision or creation of employee handbooks or specific employment policies
  • Talent strategies and employee retention

Individual Coverage

Concerned about individual coverage in compliance with the Affordable Care Act? When the open enrollment period ends, individuals without health care face a tax penalty if they have not enrolled in a private or government-sponsored plan, but choosing the right individual or family health coverage can be a challenging task. Apex Benefits offers no-cost advice and counseling services throughout the health care plan selection process to ensure that you pick the plan that best fits your needs. We’ll also identify ways to help you save money on your premiums by taking advantage of newly introduced health care subsidies, making your health care decisions even easier.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • DI
  • Short term
  • Travel Medical
  • Medicare Solutions

To receive a free quote from our Individual and Family Health Insurance Consultant, Todd McLaughlin, call 317-806-5167 or send an email to support@healthinsuranceapex.com.



Since 2003, Apex Benefits has built a reputation on providing customized, calculated solutions that aid our clients in making effective benefits decisions for their employees. We believe that a company is only as good as its employees, which is why our team works with you personally to find employee benefits plans that truly benefit your company. We’ll provide the tools, resources and expertise to aid in benefits decisions, creating a continuous conversation about strengthening your workforce and making your business better.