Individual Coverage

It’s often hard to predict where life is going to take you and your family. With an individual and family coverage plan from Apex Benefits, you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing you’re covered for the unknown. Our team makes sure you understand your plan and you’re ready for whatever life may bring.

About Apex

Apex Benefits believes everyone deserves quality health care at a reasonable cost and the ability to know you and your family are prepared. Therefore, we offer a full range of health coverage for individuals and families. Our insurance offerings include:

Why You Need Coverage

Health Care Reform. Surely you have heard of it, but do you fully understand what it means? Health Care Reform began due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or better known as PPACA. The purpose of the law is to ensure all Americans have access to health insurance – at an affordable and reasonable cost. The law states:

  • No increased premiums for pre-existing conditions
  • No annual or lifetime maximum on benefits
  • 100% coverage of in-network preventative care services
  • No policy cancellations due to health conditions

Have Questions?

Our individual and family health insurance consultant, Todd McLaughlin, will answer all your questions and help you select the right plan for you and your family. Please contact Todd at 317-806-5167 or contact us at with any questions as you get a quote for your coverage.

To learn more about Health Care Reform and the individual mandate, click contact Apex Benefits.

Since 2003, Apex Benefits has built a reputation on providing customized, calculated solutions that aid our clients in making effective benefits decisions for their employees. We believe that a company is only as good as its employees, which is why our team works with you personally to find employee benefits plans that truly benefit your company. We’ll provide the tools, resources and expertise to aid in benefits decisions, creating a continuous conversation about strengthening your workforce and making your business better.