Monarch Beverage Company, headquartered in Indianapolis, represents over 500 brands and is the largest distributor of wine and beer in Indiana. Monarch employs and offers employee benefits to their 650 team members.

Through a partnership, Monarch and Apex Benefits were looking for a way to improve the health of Monarch’s employees, increase transparency, and contain costs. The methodology was to incorporate data analytics reviews, and risk factor identification.


To increase health and wellness while minimizing and containing cost, our resourceful advisors and the team at Monarch identified seven key features we needed to address:


To identify areas of growth potential within the clinic, better strategies for curbing employee illnesses, and to increase preventative measures for improving employee health and satisfaction, our team at Apex Benefits took advantage of our leading in-house data aggregator ApexAnalyticsTM. Through a multi-step, collaborative process with Monarch, we paved the way for their clinic to improve not only its offerings and operations, but also the health of their team.

ApexAnalytics™ allowed us to:

  • Capture the utilization data from multiple sources into a minable report;
  • Measure the true value and cost of programs inclusively;
  • Create financial reviews tracking per employee per month costs; and
  • Assess and monitor the health risks among the current employee population and stratify the risk categories.

we paved the way for their clinic
to improve not only its offerings and operations,
but also the health of their team


gather data

define options and

make recommendations


implement strategy

Each aspect was supported through ongoing assessment, engagement, and service. With our data-driven strategies, we have seen Monarch improve in the following measures:

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