Who We Are


Apex Benefits is an experienced, passionate team of advisors, leaders and innovators. We are dedicated to the work we do, and strive to do the best for our clients.


ACA Case Study

A technical staffing company needed to assess the financial and regulatory impact ACA would have on their organization, and develop a strategic response in line with their multi-year goals for the company.

About Apex

At Apex Benefits, the same careful consideration that goes into selecting effective benefit plans for our clients goes into growing our diverse team of experts. Each handpicked member of the Apex Team represents an individual who exhibits an exceptional level of industry knowledge, service and effective decision making skills in their respective industry, each joining our team as part of our ongoing initiative to grow our services and exceed client expectations. With decades of combined experience in the industry, the Apex Team is committed to providing you with trusted recommendations and a genuine level of service that works to form a lasting, meaningful partnership that follows your business at every turn. More than trusted partners and business allies, Apex believes in sustaining a culture for its employees that promotes professional and personal growth. Since 2003, we've remained both a desirable place to work for and to work with. In order to provide the best service for our clients, we invest in our people first. As a recipient of the Indiana Best Places to Work recognition since 2011, recognized as one of Indiana’s top 25 Companies to Watch in 2012 and regarded as one of the state’s healthiest employers, Apex Benefit’s value on company culture is unparalleled. Our efforts in the community, matched with the training and development Apex Benefits provides, our employees remain motivated and passionate – the same results we are committed to bringing to all of our clients. To learn more about our team, please visit us on LinkedIN.

Our Culture

We believe in giving through more than just volunteering and charities alone. From marathons and fundraisers, to health fairs and education, we are committed to fostering a great and healthy place to live.
Our team values and enjoys healthy living. Whether it’s eating well, being active, making time for family or supporting our community, we truly believe everyone should have access to good education and a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, we are committed to being a philanthropic partner in the communities we serve. With over a decade of giving, we support a variety of charitable efforts through successful fundraising, promotion, awareness and volunteerism. In previous years, Apex Benefits contributed over $100,000 to various charitable organizations, non-profit events and sponsorships.

Some of the organizations, causes and events we support

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What’s good enough today won’t be good enough tomorrow. Our people work together to continuously improve – for our company, our clients and our community. -John F Gause / President / CEO

Our Partners

Apex Benefits has had the honor of working with a number of highly respected organizations. Developing a mutual partnership with each client, we create personal relationships with our clients to fully understand their needs and provide them with thoughtful, trusted advice.

Performance Record

Our 5-year average 18.7% organic growth rate is the result of a single-minded focus and commitment to our core business of employee benefits. We have seen continued growth every year since our inception in 2003. Apex Benefits strives to offer benefits plans that fit your needs.


At Apex Benefits, we make it our mission to understand the needs of your employees and to build custom plans and programs that create the highest level of engagement. Regardless of which service we provide, our team develops solutions with your objectives in mind; plans that fit your culture and your budget. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Whether you partner with Apex Benefits to implement a targeted program to grow population health and wellness measures, or to create a benefits plan designed for employee longevity and motivation, we are equipped in understanding custom plans that specifically get your employees engaged. We believe that strong communication is crucial to help boost employee participation within population health and benefit plans. Each of our programs is designed to foster and encourage participation to keep employees motivated and active with their health and career goals.


November 5, 2016

Monumental Marathon

Now one of the 20 largest marathon’s in the US, the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon is the ideal fall marathon for everyone from the first time marathon runner to elite athletes. Apex Benefits is a presenting sponsor of the “Apex Monumental Challenge.”

Since 2003, Apex Benefits has built a reputation on providing customized, calculated solutions that aid our clients in making effective benefits decisions for their employees. We believe that a company is only as good as its employees, which is why our team works with you personally to find employee benefits plans that truly benefit your company. We’ll provide the tools, resources and expertise to aid in benefits decisions, creating a continuous conversation about strengthening your workforce and making your business better.