A Message From Our CEO

In 2017, many employers’ number one challenge is attracting and retaining quality employees. Employee benefits are ever-changing, thus it is of critical importance to partner with a consulting firm that is leading the charge in cutting-edge services and emerging trends. We often say to our team, “What is good enough for our clients today, won’t be good enough tomorrow”. That is why we invest in the best. We invest in the best technology, the best HR resources, and the best people in the field. We bring you the resources and innovative approach of a large national firm with the nimbleness and accessibility of a small boutique firm. At Apex – we provide our clients with a team of subject matter experts, in a variety of disciplines, who are innovative and motivated; because we recognize our job is to help our clients with their number one goal; attracting and retaining quality employees by offering superior benefits at competitive prices. We are excited about what is happening at Apex, and believe the best is yet to come.


John Gause, CEO/President

Company Overview

Since 2003, Apex Benefits has built a reputation on providing customized, calculated solutions that aid our clients in making effective benefits decisions for their employees. We provide the tools, resources and expertise to aid in benefits decisions, creating a continuous conversation about strengthening your workforce and making your organization better – that’s our promise.

Mission Statement

Empower organizations and inspire employees through customized benefit solutions, health-focused engagement and human capital strategies.

Our Core Values


Local Firm with National Reach

For employers, choosing a partner to handle their company’s HR, benefits, and payroll needs is an important decision. Too often, small to mid-sized businesses default to choosing a national firm or the next “BIG” thing, only to stumble during transition, fail to get the answers and local attention they need, or pay too much for an overly complex solution. By providing the service and flexible solutions that these other alternatives cannot, ProSential Group Partners position themselves as the smart, accountable choice for businesses. That’s why Apex Benefits has partnered with ProSential Group—a new kind of solution provider dedicated to helping brokers EVOLVE AND EXCEL.

At the heart of ProSential Group is a national network of independently owned employee benefit brokers who have joined forces to increase their competitiveness by leveraging their collective strength. ProSential Group is one of the largest benefit services firms in the United States today – delivering services to more than 20,000 employers.

ProSential Group helps its partner firms to be a competitive powerhouse in their local market with an extensive services platform and national brand that gives them a commanding ability to provide best-in-class services and resources to support all their clients’ needs.

Performance Record

Our 5-year average 18.7% organic growth rate is the result of a single-minded focus and commitment to our core business of employee benefits. We have seen continued growth every year since our inception in 2003. Apex Benefits strives to offer benefits plans that fit your needs.

Proud to Say They’re Our Partners

Apex Benefits has had the honor of working with a number of highly respected organizations. Developing a mutual partnership with each client, we create personal relationships with our clients to fully understand their needs and provide them with thoughtful, trusted advice.